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The usual wrong ways to invest:
Savings and investments
Savings for interest
Money does not work, just people do. So if you take interest somebody has to work for you that you can earn them. Practically you become a slave holder!
To exploit others is not permitted by the spiritual laws, at the hereafter you will get punishment for this. See Lifecredo

Investments in shares of a stock exchange or indirectly via funds investing in exchange-traded shares
If you invest on a stock exchange you support the predatory capitalism, listed companies there have the goal to maximize the profit at any cost which means:
• destruction of the environment
• exploitation of their workers
• damage to the health of their customers

Do you want a destroyed poisoned environment? Do you want exploited workers (slaves)? Do you want that these companies damage the health of the people?
Further you support the big international corporations which want to establish a dicitatorship of the big international corporations.
That means in a market-dominant position the quality will fall and they can set a price as high as they want on the cost of the customer.
They are working on the elimination of all the small and medium enterprises to destroy any competition. Do you want to support this?
If you want to become an ethical investor taking care of the environment, the people and their health you cannot invest in exchange-traded shares!

Financial casino
All exchange-traded is a product of the financial casino.
The exchange rates are manipulated by the big players, all other investors are on average the loosers.
At hyperinflation or other financial crises the exchange rates collapse, some may go down to 0 (= 100% loss!!).
Mostly it is a zero-sum game, the winners exploit the loosers.

Investing in indebted companies
Why is it so important that the company has no interest demanding debt:
A free market just works in a shortage market where there is a shortage of products or services.
In a saturated free market with a surplus of products or services the company profits tend to 0.
A company which makes no profit is not able to pay interest.
That means if it has interest demanding debt it will go bankrupt.
At banking crises the debt will become due. Because the company cannot repay it will be seized by the banks.

Holding state bonds
The beneficiaries exploit the people (taxpayers), who have to pay the return via forced tax payments.

Holding cash
Not a good idea, at the next hyperinflation it will be burned and become almost worthless!
More information about Hyperinflation

Alternative ethical capital provision
Capital provider can provide capital long-term to the GCM as venture capital credit (claim), the minimum is EUR 250.
The venture capital claim is for the most part secured by the assets of the GCM.
Risk note: Company failures can affect the reserves of the GCM, however a normal percentage can be absorbed.

The GCM supports companies which
• are either debt-free, just have interest-free debt or want to become completely debt-free
• do care about the environment or want do care about the environment as much as possible
• are fair to their workers (fair wages and good working conditons, profit share)
• do not sell unhealthy products to its customers
• which are not involved in the following activities:
Interest-demanding debt, war weapons and equipment, uranium nuclear energy, microwaves, poisoning the environment, chemical drugs;

For more details and to participate please click Venture Capital.

Or provide capital to: SESEL - Society for the environment and socially equal life

Offshore company
IF you need an offshore company just for investments, this is not needed. If you have one you can close it.
You can establish a virtual investment company without ongoing costs, just register a Capital Venture at the GCM

If you no longer want to accept that a small profit-greedy group is destroying our planet, please support the GCM in its efforts.

This web site is just for information and it is not an investment advise.
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